lunes, 9 de marzo de 2009


Hay nuevas novedades sobre el single del nuevo CD de Ashley "It's Alright, It's Ok". Según fuentes la canción durará unos 2:58 minutos y será un estilo a "Be Good To Me". Además salió la supuesta letra.
You told me
there's no need
To talk it out
Cause its too late
To proceed
And slowly
I took your words

No looking back
I wont regret, no
I will find my way
I'm broken
But still I have to say

It's Alright, OK
I'm so much better without you
I wont be sorry
Alright, Ok
So don't you bother what I do
No matter what you say
I wont return
Our bridge has burnt down
I'm stronger now
Alright , Ok
I'm so much better without you
I wont be sorry

You played me
Betrayed me
Your love was nothing but a game
Portrait a role
You took control, I
I couldn't help but fall
So deep
But now I see things clear


Don't waist you fiction tears on me
Just save them for someone in need
It's Way to late
I'm closing the door

gracias a Ashleyy-World

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